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V-V600 Vortex V600 Spin Bike

V-V600 Vortex V600 Spin Bike

Availability: By Oct 10, 2014

Quick Overview

The stationery bike work out for beginners is a great way to get started with cardio exercises. The exercise bike can help you burn tons of calories and help tone your legs when set to the right resistance. Here at HOMEGYM.SG, we offer innovative exercise bike equipments for your home. Shop our selection of exercise bike that are designed and created to be sleek, durable and portable for all you spinning enthusiasts out there. Get advice on purchasing your exercise bike as our friendly staffs assist you in making the right choice that will meet the requirements of your cycling work out needs. Invest in exercising bike equipment and expect to achieve fitter and toner legs at the very convenience of your own home. 


The Vortex V600 Spin Bike comes with a lifetime structural warranty and 12 month limited manufacturer warranty against faults for all other parts. When you are trying to raise the heart rate in the comfort of the lounge room the V-V600 is the recommended entry-level spin bike for you. A solid constructionfully adjustable and a 18kg fly wheel ensure a super smooth ride whilst elevating that hespaart rate!


  • FLY WHEEL - Casting steel 453*27– 18kg fixed fly wheel with high quality bearings
  • PEDAL - JD-304(9/16")- SPD with toe clip & straps
  • SEAT - Comfortable design
  • FRAME/FORK - Special design for a wide range of frame size adjustments
  • DRINK BOTTLE HOLDER - Alloy drink bottle holder x 1pc
  • LOCK SYSTEM - “V” block tighten lock system on seat and head tube which makes for easy adjustments
  • HANDLEBAR STEM - Stainless steel construction extendable stem
  • HANDLEBAR - Fully adjustable
  • BEARINGS - Ultra strong design and heat treatment with oversized, high quality bearings
  • CRANKS/PULLEY - 3 piece steel design with heat treated, cold forged and mounted driving chain
  • CHAIN GUARD - Full cover
  • CHAIN - France: 65Mn, 106 step chain
  • FRICTION/BRAKE SYSTEM - Dual function design for friction and emergency braking. Adjustable friction levels.
  • SEAT POST - Square stainless steel tubing with extendable stem and sliding tube. 10 adjustable levers

What is a spinning exercise bike?

Spin bikes have a heavy, weighted flywheel that is directly mechanically linked to the pedals. this makes them like fixed-gear bikes, in that if you stop pushing on the pedals, they will tend to keep spinning due to the inertia of the flywheel. A spin bike is generally designed much more like a real road bike, and your posture on the bike will reflect that. A spin bike is very simple and entirely mechanical. this makes it easier to fix and maintain.

The Spinning exercise bike has the following advantages:

  • The fixed wheel helps improve your pedalling technique and cardivascular fitness.
  • More adjustment options for reach, handlebar height, seat height.
  • They are generally better put together.
  • They stress in the training is that the resistance and feel is much more like a road bike.

Advantage of spinning exercise bike over normal stationary bike:

  • You can "climb" by standing out of the saddle and putting hips back as if on a real road bike, targeting different muscle groups than just sitting.
  • You can "isolate" muscle groups by standing and peddling slowly, keeping body (besides legs) as still as possible.
  • You can "sprint" - you just can't sprint in a real way on a stationary bike, as you cannot lean over with that giant seat in the way of your legs.
  • You can have a correct fit that is more like a real road bike, resulting in you being able to push yourself longer/more without discomfort.

Additional Information

Product Weight 41kg
Max Load 150kg
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