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EVA Mat (60x60x1CM)

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Our interlocking EVA mats have interlocking jigsaw type profiles on all four edges which allow the mats to be snapped together to form a continuous floor that will not move apart. They can be easily installed by just about anyone as they do not need to fit tightly wall to wall. Any wet that may get underneath the mats is not a problem as the mats can be lifted and removed from the stable, washed down (preferably with a jet wash) and then refitted very easily. Being semi rigid EVA mats can even be leant up against the stable walls to dry.
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Good buy
Fantastic quality, perfect for home gym at an affordable price! By Mat / 8/20/2018
Economical and quality mats
Good quality mats to put olympic bar or weight plates on top without scratching the floor and economical as it comes with 4 pieces. Highly recommended to anyone to use for their home equipments. By Brandon / 7/2/2018
Cheap and big REALLY BIG. Didn't expect it to be a good shock absorbent but it does the work! By azriking / 3/15/2018
Value for money
Look unassuming but works surprisingly well. Reduced the sound impact to literally almost nothing. The only problem is if you only take these mats out when you exercise and keep them afterwards, your floor tiles underneath the mat may become very slippery afterwards so take care to wipe it with some water after. By Danny / 3/4/2018
Good quality mat.
Able to withstand the weight of my rack.
Tried dropping weights on the mat and it totally muted the sound, despite its 1cm thickness :) By Josh / 1/15/2018
cheap and able to withstand weight
cheap , comes in four, able to withstand weight of the infinity squat rack. easy to maintain as well. just wipe with a wet cloth to cleanit. By doctor / 12/20/2017
Good mat
I tried slipping my kettlebell from an inch height. The mat totally muted the thud. By Edmund / 9/16/2017
Second time buying this and i really love how the mat can absorb so much shock that is being given from my powerrack! Highly recommend for people to buy to protect your floor from cracking! By ZH / 8/29/2017
Great for workout
Good quality mat that is able to hold heavy weights without any compression on the floor! Highly recommended By ZH / 8/24/2017
Good quality By Dennis / 7/25/2017

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