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2008 2009

Our humble beginning - It started as a home based part time business to help fund University fees. It was tough with deliveries ending as late as midnight, but it was an enjoyable process.

2009 2010

Moved to a dedicated warehouse to store our growing inventories

2010 2011

Official launch of HomeGym.sg - Our website is created to cater to increasing demands and ease of order for customers. We also moved to a bigger warehouse to increase our range of product because we found that there are many good products are not being sold in Singapore. Our aim is not only to bring in better choices for the customer but also to source for space saving gym equipment so that everyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of their home.

2011 2012

Acquire dealership for Titan Gyms (later rebranded as TYTAX) - Titan Gyms equipment is made in Poland with good quality standards and functionality. They provide the most functions (more than 100) on one single machine as compared to other brands of a similar footprint.

2012 2013

Acquire dealership for Ironmaster and Force USA - Ironmaster bench and dumbbells are highly rated by many people all over the world. Prior to this, many people in Singapore have to pay the hefty shipping cost to order them from the USA. The benefit of Ironmaster products is that they are more space saving, with more functions built in. For example, the super bench allows many add-on attachments which let the users do more than just bench press.

2013 2014

Vigor, a homegrown premium product line - After being in the fitness industrial for a few years, we realised that many products can be improved to better suit the Singapore market. We also found that by working with factories directly, we can produce good quality products but still keep the price low. Furthermore, we understand that morale is very important to train alone in your home gym, and a good product will definitely boost it. Therefore we started to invest in R&D and Vigor brand is born, to fill the gap for people who are looking for value in a product, instead of paying a premium price just for a branded item.

2014 2015

Acquire dealership for NordicTrack - NordicTrack is the most popular brand of cardio fitness equipment in the world. They have a history of more than 40 years and they invest heavily in R&D. It is sold in more than 70 countries in the world. With our proven track records and company's capability, we managed to secure a partnership with NordicTrack to be the only dealer in Singapore.

2015 2016

Serving Commercial Gyms - As we advance on the quality of our products, we found that many are heavy duty enough to be supplied to Small Commercial Gyms such as Schools, Condos, Offices and Boutique Gyms. We started to participate in more projects and further improve on our portfolio.

2016 2017

Further expansion of Vigor product lines - We listen to feedback from customers and continue to improve each and every product in an iterative process. Significant products include the Premium weight bench, Multi Adjustable Bench and Compact Power Rack V2. Put any of these beside most of the products in the market and they will outshine them all.

2017 2018

Outfitting The Gym Pod - A new container unmanned gym that operates 24/7. We are honoured to be part of their journey to bring private gym to anyone with only a few taps away on your smartphone.

2018 2019

New Showroom - Along the years, our showroom has been growing in size to accommodate more display units. It started as a shared space in the warehouse, to a shared spare with office, and now a larger dedicated unit that is fully air-conditioned.

2019 2020

Dealership for BODYX - Bodyx is a Korean brand that makes good quality equipment that is on par with Force USA. Although less well known, their equipment are rich in functions and provides high value. We hope to one day help pivot their brand worldwide.

2012 2021

Compact Home Gym - With the reduction in size of new home, we understand that equipment have to be space saving without compromising on their functions and quality. We focused on sourcing/designing space saving equipment, be it more compact, or having the ability to fold away easily when not in use. Some popular equipment include: Folding Adjustable Squat Stand, DHT Ultraslim Folding Bench and Compact Power Rack V2.

2013 2023

Bodyx Folding Cube Smith Machine Functional Trainer Combo - We introduced the World's first Folding smith machine - Engineered with space in mind can transform from a depth of 120cm to as little as 60cm in less than 30 seconds, without compromising exercise function. It combines a functional trainer, smith machine, chin up station, low row, into one folding multi-station machine!

2014 2024

We will continue to design more products and build our brand so that they can be recognised globally in the future. Ultimately, we aim to provide our most honest advice to any customer according to their requirement, as our mission is to help everyone build a home gym that best suits their needs instead of trying to upsell our products. We hope that with the most suitable equipment, everyone will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Singapore.


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For quality products and an extensive selection, more people are choosing HOMEGYM.SG for all of their home gym equipment, supplies and accessories. We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of professional grade home gym equipment in Singapore, all designed to meet your needs and the needs of your fitness program. When you want friendly service, quality selection and a company that stands behind its products 100%, shop HOMEGYM.SG; our knowledgeable staff is standing by to serve your needs today.


Value and functionality - We focus more on the value and functionality of equipment instead of purely going for brand, because many big brands designed their equipment based on USA and UK market, which may not be the most suitable for Singapore.

Space saving - We believe having a home gym is gradually becoming a lifestyle need and it should integrate well in everyone's home. Thus we are always in search of space saving equipment which complement well with other items in the house.

Quality - We test every equipment we sell to make sure they are up to standard. Focusing on value doesn't mean compromising on quality.


We have gone through many stages of life as owners of home gym equipment ourselves. From setting up in a small space in our room when staying with parents, to having our first house, then having kids, we understand the different requirements and thus strongly believes in well designed space saving equipment that transit well through various stages. That is why other than just sourcing, we also designed our own equipment, and many of these have proved popular with our customers.

All in all, we understand your needs, we provide, we impress, and we have received many good reviews along the years for our efforts.

Quality & Service Assurance

We understand the frustration when there is a problem and we are committed to help every customer get a satisfactory solution. With our advance ticketing system, we aim to reply all inquiries or after sales issue within 1 business day. Furthermore, our deliveries are usually completed within 3 business day. Lastly, with cash on delivery as a payment method, only pay when the products are delivered flawlessly to you :)



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