Squat Racks


Sick of sharing the squat rack with the numerous gym rats and waiting around forever for your turn to use it at the neighbourhood gym? Why not get your own personal squat rack at home?

HomeGym offers you a variety of squat racks and gym equipment in Singapore. We have squat racks with adjustable width, the Smith Machine, the F-PC Force USA Power Rack, the home gym combo and many others. With our high-quality squat racks, you will be able to work the muscles in your legs, inner thighs and calf muscles and even your core muscles. Our squat racks can help strengthen your back and increase your stamina.

If you are thinking of getting a squat rack for your workouts at home, HomeGym’s power racks offer a safe environment for free weight exercises, including squats and bench presses. Power racks enable you to lift heavy weights safely and offer exercise versatility and safety. HomeGym offers you the best deal on squat racks and other equipment at competitive rates.

Using The Squat Rack Safely

Using the squat rack can be tricky, especially if you are a beginner at the gym, but with your own personal equipment, you have all day to practice the perfect form.

First things first, you will need to adjust the rack to your chest level before loading the weight plates on the bar. Make sure you load equal weights on both sides of the bar and secure the plates with clips so the weights will not budge as you lift. Next, balance the bars evenly on your shoulders and make sure that you are stable before you lift it off and step back far enough to start squatting. Simply walk back to the rack once you are done with your reps and place it back after once it is completely in place on both sides.