Vision Mission

Why a Home Gym?

With a home gym, it’s in your own house so there is no need to travel. Once you reach home from work, you can exercise right away!

You can train any time you want:

You are the one who decides whether to train or not and when to train and when to rest. Train whenever you want. No worries when the gym is closed. Your home gym is open 24/7. No worry about bad weather. When the weather is rainy or gloomy, sometimes you might get discouraged to travel to the gym. There is no such thing with a home gym.

You don't need to spend time on trips to gym:

Talking about time management. You'll have more time on activities that you enjoy and/or that bring you money. No need to pay ongoing gym membership fees. Gym memberships don’t come cheap nowadays and to exercise and keep fit, you need to pay your membership constantly. Once you stop paying, you stop exercising. With a home gym, you invest only once and you can train as much as you want. This is really a big benefit.

You'll spend less time training:

You won't wait until someone will finish his set on the workstation that you need right now. You'll be able to apply such techniques as 'alternating sets' or 'circuits' with no headaches. You would not longer need to wait 5 minutes before doing your next set when your muscles are already warmed up and pumped. Rest time between sets should be 45-60 seconds.

You'll gain immunity to stupid advices of self-proclaimed gym experts:

You won't even hear them. You have no idea how many people not only picked the wrong path in training but got injured following those advices.

You'll have the only equipment that YOU need:

No fancy machines. Bodyweight, free weights, bench, rack and some stuff is really all that you need.

You'll be able to listen to YOUR favorite music or silence:

Sometime your favorite music actually helps to train. Some people like silence. Both are unattainable in commercial gyms. If you’re the kind to train alone without any distractions and serious about making progress, a home gym is better suited for you as there are less chances in getting disturbed.

You'll be more clean and hygiene:

With your home gym, there is more hygiene as it’s mostly used by you and not dozens of other people. How would you feel if you need to wipe out someone else sweat on a machine before using it?

There is no place for excuses. Build your own gym and become the boss of your training!