Weighted Vest

Add Weighted Vests to Your Workout

Now Do you feel like your workout regime is stagnant and are thinking of taking things up a notch? Well if you haven’t tried adding weighted vests to your routine, there is no better time than now!

Training with a weighted vest can be very superficial for power athletes or professional lifters in the gym when they practice their squat jumps or box jumps as weighted vests can help to build strength and explosive power. With that being said, it still does not mean that regular gym-goers or fitness junkies cannot pull off exercises with weighted vests. In fact, research has shown that walking with a weighted vest burns about 12% more calories than when walking without one.

However, if you are still unsure if you should add a weighted vest to your workout yet.

How to Use a Weighted Vest

If you are looking to train your stamina with cardio-conditioning, start with vests that weigh 5% of your body weight and gradually increase the weight to 10% over time. Keep the vest on for the cardio portion of your workout and keep track of your stamina and speed. Remember to increase the rest time between sets or exercises as you will be recovering slower than usual.

While doing exercises with a weighted vest, make sure that you engage your core even when you walk or run. Also, lean into each stride to increase momentum to ensure ease of movement.

A good starter workout after purchasing your weighted vest is to complete a 1.6km run with the vest on, go about your workout and end it with another run with the vest. Once you feel comfortable with this routine, feel free to load up on the weighted vest and increase its weight.

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