Installing apps on NordicTrack


Refer to the video first for general idea:


Privilege Mode

Enable privilege mode: Tap 10 times on a blank white area, wait for 8 seconds, then tap 10 more times. 
There should have a popup to show that the mode is set to true (enabled). Use this link to generate a response code if prompted:

Important App 

Wifi manager:
Chrome (for surfing and youtube):
1) After installing taskbar, open the app and enable it using the toggle at top right corner. 
2) Go to general settings and make sure launch on boot is checked.

Additional App

Amazon Prime:
Other apps: Search in browser for "app name + apk" search term. Note that not all apps are supported.


1) System shows a white screen with retry button, unable to load further even after restarting

Remedy a) Launch wifi manager and check if network is connected. Reconnect if necessary. Launch ifit admin and click check for updates to reinstall ifit

Remedy b) Get into privilege mode. Check wifi settings. Check ifit and uninstall/reinstall if necessary

Remedy c) Perform hard reset:

2) App doesn't open in the required screen size

Long click on app icon, click new window, select the preferred window size. Take note that some apps only open in max screen.

3) System auto jump to ifit when using full screen app

Start the workout first, then launch the app.



The steps above are provided as guidance to install additional apps. These are not the default functions supported by iFit brand products and support will not be provided relating to these.