What we do during maintenance

Once considered an expense, preventive maintenance is now being recognized as a cost-efficient means to reduce costly repairs, keep equipment in good running condition and extend the life of equipment by as much as 40%. Just as you would perform regular maintenance on your automobile, most equipment manufacturers now recommend regular preventive maintenance for fitness equipment as well.

General Maintenance

Perform a safety inspection of welds, loose joints and any broken parts


Lubrication of belt and joints

Electrical Components

We will also inspect all electrical connections and wires as well as test electronics to check for any failures.


We will clean the inside of equipment including the motor components.

Performance Test

After the Preventive Maintenance has been completed, we will run a performance test to insure that all functions are working properly.

Equipment Assessment

We will assess any noted problems, as well as undetected problems. An assessment report will be given if required, together with recommendations for any repair to eliminate possible downtime

Reasons to engage us

  • Improved performance - We are trained to ensure your treadmill run in the optimal condition
  • Reduced equipment downtime - Being the expert in this field, we are able to spot any potential problems before it occur
  • Extend equipment life-expectancy - Every parts are well taken care of
  • Detailed Report - We keep all records in our database in which our customer has access to anytime
  • Value Added - We provide free labour for any repair when under maintenance terms