Treadmill Rental

We understand that buying is not always an option or can be intimidating, and there are also many other factors which one may want to rent an exercise equipment for indoor use. For example:

  • Raining season
  • Haze
  • Mosquito threat
  • Busy schedule

This is why we have flexible options for you to try before you buy from our selected range of Treadmills.

  1. Regular Rental (cheapest option)
  2. Rent to Own


Regular Rental

Choose from our wide range of available models, categorised by their size:

SMALL (within 165 x 82cm, 70kg)

3 months - $250

6 months - $450


MEDIUM (within 186 x 92cm, 85kg)

3 months - $350

6 months - $650


LARGE (within 220 x 95cm, 100kg)

3 months - $500

6 months - $950

NOTE: Prices based on self collection, additional transportation charges will apply if needed. 

Rent to Own

Under this option, brand new units will be provided. Cost will be lower per term but with longer contract period. Contact us with your preferred model for price details.

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