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  1. HOT
    Abs Wheel

    Abs Wheel



    The ab wheel rollout seems an easy enough bodyweight skill to master, you simply push the wheel forward until your whole body is extended and then pull back to your starting position. However, after hitting the deck face down several times most people including myself realize just how hard this simple looking exercise is. Having said that, it is one of the three best abdominal exercises that you can do so if you want strong defined abs it is definitely worth the months of hard work needed to nail it.

  2. Push Up Bar

    Push Up Bar


    Many times standard push ups without a push-up bar will result in discomfort in the wrists/hands due to the position of the hands on the floor. The grips elevate the user off of the floor and alleviate much of the pressure. Push-ups are excellent upper-body exercises that build muscular strength and endurance in the chest, shoulders, arms and chest. The use of TAP Push-Up Bar requires stabilization of the abdominals providing a more intense core workout than regular push-ups without the bars might provide.

  3. Force USA Super Bands

    Force USA Super Bands

    These ridiculously functional Power Bands can be used for:
    • Powerlifting
    • Weightlifting
    • Pull-Up Assistance
    • Speed & Agility Training
    • Resistance Training
    • Metabolic Conditioning
    • Plyometrics
    • Aerobics
    • Stretching
    • Mobility
    • Rehabilitation
    • & More
  4. Competition Olympic Collars

    Competition Olympic Collars

    Our pressure ring design revolutionized collar manufaturing twenty years ago . It enable quick bumper plate changes and locks the bumper plates tightly in place .
  5. Ab Slings with Heavy Duty Carabiner (Pair)
  6. HOT
    Vigor Weight Vest - 20kg

    Vigor Weight Vest - 20kg

    The Vigor 20kg Weight Vest is worn just the same way you would wear a jacket. Adjustments allow the Vest to fit to effectively to your body shape. The weights have been positioned to provide an even distribution over your torso so the load is proximal to your core and minimises stress on your joints.
  7. Single Rubber Pro Grip Cable Attachment Bar Revolving Handle
  8. HOT
    Gripad Gripad




    Gripad Weight-lifting Gloves.

    Made of neoprene.
    One size fits all.
    Great for men & women.

  9. Treadmill Accessory Kit

    Treadmill Accessory Kit

    This convenient accessory kit keeps your machine in pristine condition–so you can keep your fitness in peak condition. Featuring belt cleaner,applicator, carrying case and cloth.
  10. HOT
    Weighing Scale

    Weighing Scale

  11. Vigor Weight Vest - 30kg

    Vigor Weight Vest - 30kg

    The Vigor 30kg Weight Vest is worn just the same way you would wear a jacket. Adjustments allow the Vest to fit to effectively to your body shape. The weights have been positioned to provide an even distribution over your torso so the load is proximal to your core and minimizes stress on your joints.
  12. HOT
    BOSU Exercise Balance Ball

    BOSU Exercise Balance Ball

    • Durable Anti-Burst exercise ball
    • Helps improve balance, coordination and flexibility
    • Ideal for Core Strength Exercises, Training, Toning, Resistance Exercise and more
    • Safe, durable and easy-to-use
  13. Vigor Aerobic Fitness Step

    Vigor Aerobic Fitness Step

    These are some great fitness steps which are suitable for home or commercial use. All blocks pictured are included to make the height adjustable. Fitness steps are used in most fitness facilities around the world. This fitness step System is designed for people who want a total body workout that is fun, energetic and challenging.
  14. HOT
    12kg Dumbbell Weights Set w/ Stand
  15. HOT
    Plastic Kettlebell Set (5,10,15lbs) with base
  16. HOT
    Suspension Trainer

    Suspension Trainer

    OUR LIGHTEST, LEANEST SUSPENSION TRAINER: Perfect for travel & working out indoors or outdoors. Tighten, tone and sculpt your body anywhere, anytime in as little as 15 minutes a day.
  17. Skipping Rope

    Skipping Rope

    Jumping rope is one of the most efficient methods of cardio training. Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace is the equivalent to running one mile in 12 minutes, cycling 2 miles in six minutes, swimming a quarter mile in 12 minutes.
  18. SALE
    Dipping Belt

    Dipping Belt



    Build power and strength in your arms, shoulders, and chest with the Altus nylon dip belt. Designed to hold a weight plate at the end of its heavy-duty steel hardware, the nylon belt adds weight to your tricep dip routine, so you can use more than just your body weight to bulk up.
  19. HOT
    Manus Grip

    Manus Grip



    It increase muscle activation and giving you more strength and mass. It fit virtually all barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars and cable attachments in seconds – making the bar more than twice as thick. Similar to fatgripz, and better!

  20. Neoprene Dumbbell

    Neoprene Dumbbell

    Simple, effective neoprene coated iron hand weights
  21. SALE
    Aerobic Stepper

    Aerobic Stepper



    Intensify your aerobic work out with the Aerobic Stepper. A low impact work out accessory, it's height adjustable and versatile. No more running stairs for you, it's so simple and if your not really sure how you would incorporate an aerobic stepper into your routine well there's plenty of fitness videos available on the market with loads of exercises and routines to help keep you engaged.
  22. Gym Ball

    Gym Ball

    This gym ball is ideal for performing a range of exercises designed to improve balance and co-ordination, and strengthen core muscles. Great for use at home or in the gym.
  23. Force USA Calf Block

    Force USA Calf Block

    Get the most out of your Calf Raise exercises by using the Force USA Calf Block. Perform standing body weight calf raises or use with dumbbells.
  24. HOT
    Soft Plyo Box - PowerBox 40x50x60cm
  25. Weightlifting Chalk - Box of 8

    Weightlifting Chalk - Box of 8

    Magnesium Chalk/ Gym Chalk, for Gym, Weighlift, Kettlebell, Dumbbell Our high-quality gym magnesium carbonate white chalk reduces moisture on the hands thereby improving the ability to maintain your grip.
  26. Tricep Rope Attachment

    Tricep Rope Attachment

    With the Force USA Tricep Rope you will have intense workouts for a variety of different muscle groups while maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts. The Force USA Tricep Rope provides some of the best, most effective cable exercises. Take your cable attachment to the gym or use them at home to mix up your exercises and take your training to the next level! The Force USA Tricep Rope is solid and will provide a wide range of exercises to build a rock solid body!
  27. HOT
    Force USA Plyo Box Set - Black (Set of 4) Force USA Plyo Box Set - Black (Set of 4)

    Force USA Plyo Box Set - Black (Set of 4)


    Plyometric Boxes are extremely popular with crossfit athletes and for good reason. Using Force USA Plyometric Boxes allows you to load and contract muscle rapidly encouraging faster and stronger muscular contractions which will also increase your speed and agility.

  28. Easy Lock Olympic barbell collar
  29. HOT
    Force USA - Gravity Boots (Pair)

    Force USA - Gravity Boots (Pair)

    Boots feature thick, comfortable, contoured support pads and have a heavy-duty single-action locking mechanism with built-in safety lever.
  30. Force USA Wooden Gymnastics Rings

    Force USA Wooden Gymnastics Rings

    Ring training interest has reached new highs since the international publicity of their key use in training for the cast of the 300 film and use throughout crossfit boxes.
  31. HOT
    Agility Ladder w/ Carrying pouch

    Agility Ladder w/ Carrying pouch



    The speed and agility ladder is the most effective tool for faster footwork. Get this ladder and do the free training drills to increase your foot speed and improve your agility.
  32. Ab Core Pad (mat)

    Ab Core Pad (mat)

    The AbCore Pads have a compact, ideal to take it with you anywhere. Take your ab core pad and some Force USA super bands for the ultimate workouts while away on business!
  33. ALU Olympic Barbell Collar
  34. Freeform Treadmill Maintenance Kit

    Freeform Treadmill Maintenance Kit

    Keep your treadmill in its pristine condition with the FreeForm Treadmill Maintenance Kit for 12 months of worry-free treadmill experience!
  35. Triangle V Shaped Chest Pull Bar Cable Attachment with Rubber Grips
  36. Black Foam Barbell Pad
  37. Lat Pulldown Bar
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