Preventative Gym Equipment Maintenance & Servicing

Our Preventative Maintenance Program is the most comprehensive maintenance program in the industry. It is designed to keep your equipment working safely and efficiently and to reduce the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance.

From the time you purchase your equipment, it is necessary to have a service agreement for maintenance even though it is under a manufacturer’s warranty. It is the same as purchasing a new vehicle and having to pay for oil changes even though the car is under warranty.

All equipment has a manufacturer suggested Preventative Maintenance Schedule that should be performed from the day you receive your equipment.

We offer a customized maintenance program designed for your specific needs. Upon approval of a maintenance agreement, your facility and all the equipment will be entered into our database to track your inventory and service history.

So what do we do?

During a service, our engineers will follow a checklist for each item of equipment and also look for any potential faults or wear and tear. 

Please click on a link below to find more information on preventive maintenance programs for your specific fitness equipment:

  • Treadmill Maintenance
  • Elliptical Maintenance
  • Home Gym Maintenance
  • Rower Maintenance
  • Vibration Trainer Maintenance
  • Recumbent Bicycle Maintenance
  • Cross Trainer Maintenance
  • Stepper Maintenance
  • Stationary Bicycle Maintenance
  • Spin Bike Maintenance