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Vigor XT1 Multi Functional Trainer w/ Half Rack

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The best multi-gym in the market! Perform hundreds of exercises with the dual pulley and attachments. Chest, high low row, rear deltoid, pull up, shoulder press, lateral raise, rotation, upright row, bicep curl, tricep press, kneeling crunch, dead lift, squat, lunge, hip abduction, hop extension, kick back, leg extension, leg curl and many more.

The XT1 Functional Trainer will help you build your entire body with a huge range of functional and sport specific exercises and independent height adjustable dual cable pulleys!

2 machines for the size of 1

  • Half Rack
  • Functional Trainer
  • Open design which does not block mirror placement at the back.
  • Attachments included are 2x Padded cable attachments, 1x Curl Bar, 1x Straight Bar, 1x Ankle Cuff attachment, 1x Row bar, 1x Tricep Rope, 1x Triangle handle, 1x Landmine with handles, 1x Dip attachment.

Features for half rack:

  • Half Rack with 2 x J hooks and 2 x Safety catches
  • Storage for weight plates and barbells
  • Cross beam with multi-grip chin up bar.
  • Landmine
  • Dips (Optional)

Features for functional trainer:

  • Multi-position fully adjustable swivel pulley system.
  • Easy pull pin with handle to adjust height in seconds with over 21x adjustment points.
  • Laser cut steel plate for precision assembly and quality.
  • High quality 2000lb commercial aircraft quality cables.
  • Self-aligning nylon pulleys and bearings for smooth exercises.
  • Quality bushings provide an ultra smooth workout!
  • Gives you some of the best exercises to build a rock solid body!
  • Heavy duty steel construction.
  • Quality bracing for correct body alignment throughout your workout.
  • Great for rehabilitation or any other workouts.
  • The cable system pulley ratio is 2:1 (6kg load= 3kg effective weight)
  • Upgradable to 2 x 90kg weight stacks.


The following pictures demostrates many uses of the functional trainer:


Additional Product Specs:

More Information
Warranty 1 year
Product Weight 140kg
Product Dimension 131 x 127 x 220cm (L x W x H)
More Information
Warranty 1 year
Product Weight 140kg
Product Dimension 131 x 127 x 220cm (L x W x H)
1 year

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