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Power Tower Elite - Chin up, Dips, Knee raise

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The Power Tower Elite offers you the chance to perform several multi-joint upper body exercises from the one, sturdy platform. It can be a pull up bar, dip bar, and more.

Power towers are a versatile training tool which should not be overlooked. The ability to perform a variety of key, upper body compound movements such as pull-ups, chin-ups and dips can help you develop that strong, muscular physique which you are aiming for. Better still, the bodyweight, multi-joint nature of these exercises makes them very functional compared to many other alternatives

Key Features:

  • Multi use chin up / pull up bar
  • Push up handles
  • Angled dip handles
  • Vertical knee raise
  • Flip up dip handles
  • Angled frame to reduce body sway


How it works: Weight training but without the weights! Moving your bodyweight can deliver all the benefits that lifting dumbbells and bar bells can but only if you have the right equipment. The Power Tower enables you to work against gravity on your upper, lower and torso muscles. Classic exercises like Pull ups, Dips, and Vertical Knee Raises are not only challenging but also extremely functional. Wide and narrow chin up grips, Press up stands, Tricep Dip handles and Vertical Knee Raise (VKR) pads make this versatile, innovative and an indispensable workstation.

To be your best: Sit ups, Crunches and Ab curls all have their place but one of the ultimate abdominal six pack developers is the Vertical Knee raise or even the Straight leg raise. Put your  forearms on the pads and lift your ribs up away from your hips – now raise your legs up in front of you to hip height and slowly lower’s tough but highly effective.

Coach says: To get the best results out of a VKR or Straight Leg Lift you need to extend at the hips ever so slightly before you go in to the flexion of a leg raise – this encourages the movement to be more dependent on the abdominals rather than being over dominated by your hip flexors.

Designer notes: We added a bar to help you step up; flip up handles to get more space for chin ups and ensured the back pad is trimmed at waist height so that you can extend as well as flex at the hips.


Additional Product Specs:

More Information
Warranty 1 year
Product Weight 38kg
Max Load 140kg
Product Dimension 111.5 x 121 x 221cm
More Information
Warranty 1 year
Product Weight 38kg
Max Load 140kg
Product Dimension 111.5 x 121 x 221cm
1 year

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