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Vigor Compact Power Rack V2

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The latest model with many upgrades to the popular compact design. Tested and proven.

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Compact Power Rack V2

The latest 2021 model with many upgrades to the popular compact design. Perform chin ups and all your favourite barbell exercises on the Compact Power Rack.

  • Multi Grip Chin Up Bar
  • 2 pairs of J-hooks, 1 pair of Safety Catch and Dip bar
  • 4 x Weight Plate Holder
  • 2 x Olympic Barbell Holder
  • 4 x band pegs
  • Rubber padded feet
Product Parameters

Depth: 1073mm (with lat: 1323mm)

Width: 1220mm

Width with weight holder: 1650mm

Max Weight Capacity: 450kg

Hole spacing: 45mm

Compact Footprint

With a depth of 1073mm, the compact power rack is one of the smallest full size rack in the market. 1323mm with lat attachment

Small Hole Spacing

Upright adjustments are distanced at 45mm apart. This means that the user can set a more comfortable starting height and safety level, achieving a greater range of motion

Ample Storage Options

Removable weight holders provide storage for all the weight plates. 2 x olympic bar holders at each side to store an olympic bar and ez bar. Band pegs can double as accesories hooks at the back of the rack.

Chin up and Dips

Multi grip chin up bar adds variations to workout. Combine with bands or the optional lat attachment to add intensity to these workouts. The position of the dual width (46 and 60cm) dip handles is designed to be able to use together with lat attachment to perform weighted dips.

Rubber feet

Commercially inspired rubber feet adds traction to the floor and make sure the rack does not move easily while lifting heavy.

Solid and Sturdy

Being compact does not mean the sturdiness is compromised. With heavy duty materials, this rack is able to withstand static weight up to 450kg

Add-on options

Lat Attachment

- with knee support

Cable exercises:

  • Tricep pushdown
  • Lat pulldown
  • Low row
  • Bicep Curl
  • Leg Curl

Total Depth: 1323mm



- with T bar handle


  • Shoulder Press
  • Front Squat
  • Landmine Row
  • Landmine Press
  • T bar row

Attachs to any hole on the rack

Design Thoughts

  • Size: Considering all factors including stability and space for workout, the overall dimension of the rack is kept as small as possible to fit into tight space at home
  • Hole spacing: Hole spacing is one of the most important point to look out for in a squat rack. Good and small hole spacing allows the user to choose the most suitable start off height. Better range of motion can also be achieved by setting the safety catch level as low as possible.
  • Chin up bar: The chin up bar can be flipped to slant downward for houses with low ceiling
  • Dip handles: They are designed to be supported by both left and right uprights to provide the most stable dip workout. This position is also perfect for using a dip belt and hooking up to the lat attachment to perform weighted dips.
  • Rubber padded feet: Many designs in the market make use of a rubber cap that slot in sideways to the base of the rack. There is a chance that the rubber cap can slide out from the movement of racking a heavy bar. Our improved design addresses this issue and provide better traction from the bigger area of larger size feet.
  • Storage: Built-in storage helps to save cost and space while keeping the area neat.
  • Elevated connecting bar: When it comes to saving space, every inch counts. Thus the hind connecting bar is elevated to allow the bench leg to be placed as inside as possible to the back.
  • Knee holder for Lat pulldown: The additional knee holder can be attached to the safety catch, and helps by holding the user down when pulling a heavy weight. Without it, the user will not be able to isolate the upper body effectively.

Benefit of this power rack over half rack

  • Space: Many people would think that a half rack will take up lesser space, but in actual, the footprint of a half rack is usually bigger. This is because they are lighter and thus will require larger base to lower the centre of gravity. Additionally, the upright of the half rack is usually at the middle, thus when benching, more depth is required for the bench position. For power rack, the bench can be placed closer to the back of the rack.
  • Safety: The safety catch of the power rack is usually longer than a half rack. It is also supported by 2 uprights, thus the bar will be limited within the space no matter how it is dropped. For half rack, the user must be careful to slowly lower the bar on the safety catch during failure of a rep.

Customers' Setup


Additional Product Specs:

More Information
Warranty Mainframe: Lifetime, Other parts: 1 year
Product Dimension 107.3 x 122 x 217cm (L x W x H), With lat: 132.3 x 122 x 217cm (L x W x H)
More Information
Warranty Mainframe: Lifetime, Other parts: 1 year
Product Dimension 107.3 x 122 x 217cm (L x W x H), With lat: 132.3 x 122 x 217cm (L x W x H)
Mainframe: Lifetime, Other parts: 1 year

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