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Rowing is arguably the best cardio-vascular exercise available, recruiting 84% of the muscle mass. Though rhythmic flexion and extension of the posterior chain, rowing engages the athlete in hip hinge, leg extension and open-shoulder movements, all of which are crucial to premium development and posture.

The World's Best-Selling Rowing Machine

The dependable performance of the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower has made it the best-selling rowing machine in the world for over 40 years.

Used by elite athletes for competitive training, the versatile Model D fits in as well in fitness facilities and home gyms as it does in boathouses around the world. The Model D fits your goals and your budget, offering a low-impact exercise accessible to anyone of any age.

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Finish: Powder coat
  • 14" Seat Height
Included with your Purchase

  • Performance Monitor 5 (PM5)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Assembly Tools

Trust Your Workout Data

  • Measure your progress with reliable, comparable data on every stroke.
  • Workout options include time, distance and intervals.
  • Easy on your eyes with backlit LCD display.
  • Wireless Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility for heart rate monitoring or apps.
  • Save workouts to a USB flash drive (not included).
  • Games included, and more.

Control Your Workout Intensity

  • Air-resistance flywheel responds to every stroke.
  • Control the air flow with an easy change of the damper.
  • Damper levels 1-10.
  • Minimal noise.
  • Smooth feel.

Easy to Assemble, Move and Store

  • Easy to assemble with only 8 screws.
  • Rolls smoothly on caster wheels while fully assembled.
  • Separates into two pieces for storage.
  • Releases quickly without tools using a framelock mechanism.
  • Stored dimensions: 63.5 cm x 83.8 cm x 137.2 cm.

Stay Motivated

  • Connects with a wide range of popular fitness apps.
  • Free ErgData app records and stores workouts on your smartphone.
  • Sign up for Concept2’s Workout Of the Day (WOD) emails.
  • Join an Online Challenge.
  • Online rankings allow you to compare yourself against others.

How is the RowErg different from the Model D and Model E Indoor Rowers?

In May 2021, we streamlined our product line. We now offer two height options for our popular RowErg®: a standard 14” seat height (the new name for the Model D) and an elevated 20” seat height (replacing the Model E, which has been discontinued).

The Model D and Model E were functionally the same, but had some differences in construction and aesthetics that made them two distinctly different machines. Both have been replaced with the RowErg. Here's what's new:

1. The Name: The RowErg is the same machine as the popular, time-tested Model D, but with the new RowErg name.
2. Leg Height Option: You now have a choice of leg height—choose between standard legs that give the RowErg a 14" seat height or tall legs that give a 20" seat height.
As part of the streamlining process, all the features of the RowErg, except for leg height and larger caster wheels on the tall legs, are the same. One machine: your choice of standard or tall legs.

Why did we change to the RowErg?

As a company of engineers, we value clean, efficient design. Since introducing the Model D in 2003, we have gathered ideas for improvements (as we do with all our products). When the pandemic hit, it brought some issues to the forefront, especially in the areas of production and component supply chain; we were unable to ramp up production when people really wanted and needed our products.

The change is the result of an accumulation of observations and improvements over time and has allowed us to use equivalent (or the same!) parts on the RowErg. This compatibility of parts, and the production efficiencies gained, enable us to keep our prices low. And you can rest assured that we will continue to support all models of our RowErgs, regardless of vintage, with spare parts and exceptional customer service.


Additional Product Specs:

More Information
Warranty Frame: 5 years, other parts: 2 years
Product Dimension 244 x 61cm (L x W)
More Information
Warranty Frame: 5 years, other parts: 2 years
Product Dimension 244 x 61cm (L x W)
Frame: 5 years, other parts: 2 years

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