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Vigor Titan G9 All-in-1 Trainer

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FOC G9 Lat Pulldown Bar provided for preorder.

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Innovative new design for 2023

The Brand new Titan G9 comes with many desirable features to suit Singapore houses for home gym setup.

  • Smith machine
  • Half rack
  • Dual adjustable pulley
  • Multi Grip Chin Up Bar
  • Dip bar
  • 6 x Weight Plate Holder
  • 2 x Olympic Barbell Holder
  • 4 x band pegs
  • Rubber padded feet
Product Parameters

Depth of feet: 150cm

Machine can be fully flushed to wall

Width with smith bar: 178cm

Max Weight Capacity: 450kg


Go heavy on it without having to worry about safety, With the Dual safety smith hooks, now you can grind at the comfort of your own house.


Built in 2 x 60kg pin select weight stack. Choose from 1:1 or 2:1 pulley ratio. Achieve more weight selection using less weights = HDB friendly.


With smaller hole spacing than most machines in the market, and a pair of 50cm long safety catch, this half rack is better, stronger and more sturdy.

Chin up and Dips

Multi grip chin up bar adds variations to workout. Combine with bands or the dual cables to add intensity to these workouts. The position of the dual width (46 and 60cm) dip handles is designed to be suitable for most people.

Rubber feet

Rubber feet adds traction to the floor and make sure the rack does not move easily while lifting heavy.


Side facing weight plate storage allows for easier handling of plates. Machine can be fully flushed to the wall with no space wasted. 2 olympic bars can be stored at the back as well.


Other functions include:

  • Band pegs which can be used with resistance bands to attach to barbell/weight-stack to increase the intensity of barbell and cable workouts.
  • Foam rolls which can be used to hold the user down when doing lat pulldown
  • Removable foot plate for low row leg support
  • Hook to hang suspension trainer or bands
  • Storage hooks at the back of machine to hang cable accessories
  • Storage holes to store dip and half rack attachment neatly

Add-on options

Weight plate adaptor

- for additional weight to weight stack

Need more weight for big exercises like below?

  • Lat pulldown
  • Low row
  • Squat

Simply attach the adaptor to the weight stack and load using extra weight plates.



- with T bar handle


  • Landmine Row
  • Landmine Press
  • T bar row

Attaches to bottom hole on back or front of the rack



- can attach to cable weight stack

Adds more variation to your workout

  • Chest press
  • Leg press
  • Weighted dips

Uses weight from weight plates or cable weight stack.



- combine with G9 lat pulldown bar

Use for Exercises:

  • Cable cross
  • Lat pulldown
  • Hip thrust

Attaches to safety arms


Design Thoughts

  • Minimum blockage at the back of machine: Does not block mirror which can be used to check the exercise form. Allows for the bench to be placed closer to the back for better position for incline presses.
  • Hole spacing: Hole spacing is one of the most important point to look out for in a squat rack. Good and small hole spacing allows the user to choose the most suitable start off height. Better range of motion can also be achieved by setting the safety catch level as low as possible.
  • Pulley ratio: With the ability to select different pulley ratio, less weight stack will be needed which makes the machine lighter and better for floor loading.
  • Rubber padded feet: Many designs in the market has metal feet that not only will scratch the floor, but also can glide on smooth tiles. Our improved design addresses this issue and provide better traction.
  • Storage: Side facing storage is easier to use as compared to back facing design. No need to cater to extra clearance space at the back as well.

Comparison to other similar machine in the market


Additional Product Specs:

More Information
Warranty Mainframe: Lifetime, Other parts: 2 years, Labour: 1 year
Product Weight 306kg
Product Dimension 150 x 178 x 213cm (L x W x H)
More Information
Warranty Mainframe: Lifetime, Other parts: 2 years, Labour: 1 year
Product Weight 306kg
Product Dimension 150 x 178 x 213cm (L x W x H)
Mainframe: Lifetime, Other parts: 2 years, Labour: 1 year

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